About Us

Right Left Communication Pty Ltd specialises in collecting, analysis, integration and management of data. Data is transformed to a management information system that provides visual impact, ease of use, validity and accessibility.

Assess current situation – identify current problems

  • think tank approach to brainstorm solutions
  • identify business problems and needs
  • identify the Human Factor
  • map the customer experience
  • identify data sources and processes
  • define preferred outcomes and KPIs

Design information architecture – solve problems

  • data mining
  • data integration
  • develop efficiencies in data entry, management and processing
  • identify information requirements
  • engagement of all people staff
  • develop customer engagement at every stage of the process

Develop information-driven platforms – design solutions

  • develop holistic system
  • automate complex data integration process
  • innovative solutions built into structure
  • allocate appropriate information access levels
  • create strong visual impact to information presentation

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