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We are a bespoke business with an boutique portfolio of VIP clients. We manage our clients’ eCommerce needs effectively, securing their business information and operational processes.

API Integration

An API (Application Program Interface) is a set of commands, functions, and protocols allowing programmers to accomplish a specific task or interact with a specific software component, instead of writing them from scratch.

Content Management System

A content managed website is simply a website that you can manage and update the copy on yourself with little more than knowledge of basic word processing.

Custom Web Development

Have an idea for something a little bit different or unique? Or, perhaps you saw something done and want to know if it’s possible for your site? Right Left has a team of expert developers with many years of experience who can develop just about anything you can dream up. We develop web applications as per project requirements, applications that might need to be created to serve your online business needs. e.g. Warranty Claim Application, Interactive Price List, Health Age Calculator, etc

Website Maintenance

Do you need help with maintaining your website on an ongoing basis? Perhaps you just have a few small changes you need but don’t know where to go to get them implemented. Right Left offers website maintenance and support to many companies. This support can be arranged simply as a once-off or we can assist on an ongoing basis.

Content Management System (CMS)

Advantages of CMS

A content managed website is simply a website that you can manage and update the copy on yourself with little more than knowledge of basic word processing. A CMS is a content management system and is at the heart of nearly every website we build. At Right Left we have experience with various types of CMS and mostly with Joomla CMS and WordPress, two of the most powerful and best value commercial CMS packages on the market – a full-featured Web content management system providing a complete set of features for building web sites, on-line stores and community sites.

  • Thousands of extensions:If you need specialized functionality, CMS is highly extensible and thousands of extensions are available.
  • SupportThere is abundance of programmer’s tools and tutorials available for users. There’s also an extensive discussion board.
  • Navigation managementThe CMS  has a comprehensive navigation system, that can successfully manage several hierarchies. It allows to easily manage a site even with couple hundred subpages.
  • Search engine friendly URLs Links generated by the script are very friendly and make for better SEO positioning.
  • UpdatesWhen the page design is ready, there will come a time to update the script to a newer version. You can do it from web browser.
  • Advanced administrationAdministration panel provides many functions that can be intimidating in the beginning. In time, however, you can master most of them to use the full potential of the script.
  • Custom code integrationCMS standard functionalities can be extended and customized using custom code